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Selection at Work


Some fo the frogs in this population had the ability to coexist with the deadly fungus that wiped out the rest of the population. This is how things evolve.

Tree In New York State

Tree In New York State
Originally uploaded by agross96
This is a picture I took about a month ago on Kodak 400VC film using my Pentax 645. I scanned it in on my Epson V500 photo and then adjusted the contrast with the curves tool and cropped.

It looks decent, i think, considering the whole weekend I was up there in New York State the light was pretty poopy.

Yes, You Can Have One, New

DeLorean Motor Company has risen again and is making up to two DeLoreans a month for people that must have one.


You can even get the new upgraded 197hp motor to push that stainless steel beast.

Still Alive

I am still alive.

If you have not yet played Portal, please do. Portal is available on the Xbox 360 as part of the Valve Orange Box (It also has Team Fortress 2, and Half Life 2 and both add on episodes after it). You can also get it off Steam for the PC. On the PC you can get it alone or bundled.

The ending alone is simply awesome after you have played through the game (DON'T CLICK THE LINK IF YOU PLAN ON PLAYING THE GAME. The song is much more funny and satisfying after you beat the game.).

Quick updates...

My scanner scans medium format quite well. I still need to get time to scan the second roll through.

I now have two jobs eating up most of my time, after the next week or so I will get the new schedules worked out. I currently work as an Animal Caretaker at the National Institutes of Health as my full-time job from 7 AM until 3:30 PM. I usually have work at my part time job at 5 PM until 8:30 PM after that. It leaves me just enough time in-between to get home and walk my dogs, change my clothes and run back outside. I leave my house to get to work a little before 6 AM every morning, so much of my time is eaten with work and sleeping. After the Christmas season I plan on dropping the part time job down to only 3 times a week so I can actually do things other than work, but right now it is pretty good.

Funny Comic Today

Penny Arcade's current comic is amusing. Current being Monday the 22nd of October. It is called "Darkest Revelations", it is about one of the guys taking his cat to the Vet's office. It is so true, and yes, the procedure is the same for dogs and cats, and yes is is simple, and yes... it's gross.

Happy Howl-o-ween

Happy Howloween
Originally uploaded by agross96
Athena and Buttercup wish everyone an early and happy Halloween and a wonderful fall season.

What Would Get Me Wet

A Nikonos RS! The last Nikonos made and the only SLR of the bunch and it has AF! It would certainly be more fun than an SLR in a big housing. The only major drawback would be that you get fewer shots with it before you have to come up and reload it, compared to digital.

A handy guide and short review is here...

They aren't very common, and I would just about never use it, since I live in the North-East, but if I got one, I'd definately get wet. I can dream...


Medium Format

Does anyone know much about medium format cameras? I know a little but am looking for other points of view. I am trying to decide which camera to rent first.

I am looking for a 120 (or 220) film camera to shoot around with. Automatic Metering is necessary, AF would be wonderful as well, but certainly not required. I don't anticipate wanting a huge number of lenses, I would probably get a wide and a portrait length, possibly a macro if I really loved the camera.

My scanner will scan up to 6x12 cm film rather well, I'd suppose, so all I would have to do is get film and get it developed. Also, I am not looking for a medium format digital, or new camera.

Right now, from what I can find, the Pentax 645 or 645N seem like the best fit for me, any other suggestions or guidance?

Albert Climb

Albert Climb
Originally uploaded by agross96
This is from a 24 Year old slide using my new Epson Perfection v500 scanner. It does a pretty good job.

Yes, that is me. I was 5.

Expect an example of some new Fuji 200 ASA film, when I can do a more fair comparison with current, non faded and beat up film.

Further Evidence that Starbuck is a Cylon

She is a Bionic Woman, more accurately, the first one...